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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. a street robbery not far from the oakland temple is shot, more on the victim next. a new development in a manhunt which has consumed a northern california community, the tools police hope will finally help them capture their suspect. . >> oar plus making something positive out of that massive scandal, some big tax changes lawmakers are trying to make, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. complete coverage starts right now. thank you for joining us on
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wednesday morning, i am pam cook. >> can i ask steve about the weather . please do. >> let me ask him. >> it looks better. we do have morning clouds and local drizzle maybe to the north and a few light sprinkles some upper 70s to very low 80s, here is sal. traffic looks good as you drive to the tunnel to walnut creek and oakland. it looks good on the sunole grade, it looks good but the shooting happened on mcarthur boulevard and we have more on a look apt the businesses and some gunfire. >> reporter: it was actually bullets that pierced this
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window and it's a hair and nail salon and there is another bullet up on the top, glass is all over police say 2:00 a.m. this morning, a robber or robbers held up a man striking him in the leg. we are in the 2800 block of mcarthur and it is a mile or so from the greek orthodox church and police will be interviewing the victim and we are trying to get a better eye de. and we are hoping police can
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glean some foot damage. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. a man is wanted for killing his wife and two young daughters. the police hunt started after his family was found dead in shaster county and now the county is offering a $10,000 reward for his capture. shortly after his body was found and his dog was found as well. the investigation and the search goes on. later today, a former east bay football coach will be facing child abuse sexual charges. it is kennedy high school in fremont and he is facing 6 but there may be more. his bail is set at more than 2. $5 million. new worries about the bay
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bridge and this time new problems along the bike path to what is going on and we will talk about that bike path problem and i want you to look how we it see it is right next to the new span and as they talk about the problems and the solutions we know a fix is underway for the 32 bolts that broke back in march and they decided a steel saddle is the answer and we still don't know how long it will take or if these 200 bolts have a lot of
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work in front of us. there are high cables that hold the sections together and corrosion issues have been brought up with those as well. they were exposed and little tests has -- little testing has been performed. now those are new and however hundreds of bolts that were apparently welded incorrectly were broken and were not given enough room for expansion in hot weather. others have been sheered off which means all the bolts and we don't know how many there are those will have to be inspected and likely replaced. when you talk about the bigger problems, the bike path problem is smaller but when it comes to the bridge, again problems are
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piling up on the table and the meeting is set for 1:00 p.m., figuring out what is in front of us and how long it will all take. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 12 people were burned out of their homes in marin county. that fire started on sir frances drake boulevard and destroyed 2 mobile homes and four cars. firefighters were able to save a century old farmhouse. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. firefighters are working to get ahead of that fire in santa barbara. it burned more than 2000 acres. people were 50 homes were allowed to return. right now the fire is still
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only 10% contained. i am hoping the targeting of conservative groups may cause a tax scandal but it just shows how complex tax provisions give the internal revenue service too much before and control. a u.s. pakistan and drone strike has killed the number 2 commander of the pakistan. the leaders have been very critical of the u.s. drone strikes. it's still looking very nice, this is a look at 880 westbound and it looks good all
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the way out to the mcarthur maze and speeds are up if you are going to the toll plaza and before beside six, if you are driving on 280 northbound and that traffic into downtown, that looks good >> all right road trip, partly cloudy, and it is a little bit chilly who are that air. i don't know why the five-day forecast is here, done look at it. hold on, you can't see this right now. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. we are really on the mild side.
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so same for congress cord and napa. the direction it is loading from and we have a puff of an east breathe and some very low 70s and you can see the system clipping the area and for us there is low-level drizzle and the radar does not pick it up and clouds in the morning and sprinkles and breezy at times, temperatures are trying to warm up and temperatures i don't think they be there. they have declared a disaster in ten counties after torrential rain caused problems
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in several areas of the state. one death is reported after an elderly man is swept away in floodwaters, 10 bits are closed. how nine rescuers who were trying to help something else who was in the freezing waters, finally they had to be rescued. new video of an explosion following a train crash near baltimore, we have an update on the fire that burned all night. good morning, we have an update on the peninsular and we will tell you more about the area weather. stay tuned.
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. time now 5 12, that huge train derailment is now under control and it was quite an explosion. that is what happened. that freight train was carrying hazardous chemicals -- chemicals when it caught fire. the truck driver was badly hurt now federal investigators will take the next couple of days to figure out what caused the crash. a palo alto man is accused
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of hurtling four ever them and federal prosecuters want to deal with him for allegedly killing his haunt and two cousins. he stabbed the victims and tried to burn their bodies. court documents say he had been living with the relatives for weeks. they plan to conduct a military exercise next week and new contacts over growing concern about chinese using he espionage. and at least four people are dead after a drone strike in pakistan.
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kyla campbell has more and this comes just days after he defended the use overseas. >> reporter: they are behind this deadly strike and they say a u.s. drone fired two. the drone strike killed the number 2 leader of the pakistani taliban. president barack obama just defended drone use in a policy speech and they said u.s. would limit strikes to those who posed an imminent threat. they have been very critical in pack and it, just how many deadly strikes have been there when i see you next. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2
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morning news. >> time is 5:15 now we are getting a look at a water rescue, mean rescue personnel were trying to help an injured woman friday night had to be rescued also. they were stranded out there before a sonoma helicopter lifted them to safety. several of the rescuers were in the stages of hypertherapy,. patrol says staff moral and the latest includes scrapping. one dog was starved and beaten and tied to a tree. there are four very other disturbing cases and they don't have all the sources they need
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to handle all of those cases. >> a group wants to play baseball in a safe environment. two does children, they present the north of the little league and in the past six weeks but the little league has agreed to meet about safety of concerns. and the 5.7 magnitude earthquake called more than a million dollars in damage last thursday and that's the report from county inspectors. they say more than 50 homes show signs of serious damage but several homes have water damage from broken pipes.
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the band is gone and the cash has been counted. how much money did bottle rock bring in? we will have new figures that were approved in the wine country and we'll see how they did. >> do you have anything for them? >> and traffic is moving nicely as you drive passed the coliseum and you can tell more people are getting on the road and things are about to change this hour. traffic looks good heading out to the high rise and that traffic is also good. and at at&t, west wind, 20 miles per hour, not that warm, breezy conditions and although there is a little drizzle with
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a few sprinkles and the high pressure dash high pressure -- high pressure, most locations are pushing about up at 60, fairfield has 25 mile-per-hour winds and even oakland and san francisco, there is a few differences but generally is there is a southwesterly wind and even ukiah and sacramento 58 degrees and some of that rain is moving to the sierra nevada and then for us just some drizzle so some clouds in the afternoon, morning drizzle and 50s and 60s and 70s and those 80s will be back and temperatures will bump up a
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little bit, more so on friday and saturday, looking good, warm to hot. and investors are concerned strong economic reports could lead back to some of the bond buying program and japan finished up at 1%. our numbers do point to a lower opening and the s&p 500 follows another positive tuesday for the market as the dow jones industrial average is posting 106 point game starts at 15,000 1409. then they let guilty and there
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are other fertilizers and wal- mart says it has better training for its employees now. a man fought off a challenge as the man's oldest person to climb mound mt. everest. but it looked like another man a was also -- was also climbing but he has called it off because of the weather, it is just too bad, pam. 5:21. doubters would think it is nothing but hot air. the complaints from his neighbors, now he may be facing
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criminal charges.
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are. >> welcome back, the lives of a grandmother and her grandchildren were saved. a man veered off the road, went through a backyard fence and rammed into that pool. two the neighbors saw what happened. they pull under everyone out of
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that car. pop star justin bieber is being investigated for reckless driving and he has been driving at highway speeds. he was playing outside with hi three-year-old daughter at the time. the county is considering filing charges against justin bieber. they are expecting bigger than better profits and they will pay the expo more than 650 to $700,000 and they will ned 700 and do more are scheduled for tomorrow. google is hoping to get a plan to whyfie the world off
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the ground. google wants to bring the internet to southeast asia and africa. they are releasing special balloons to broadcast wireless connections to those areas and google is already working on a satellite system as well as blame ams that could broadcast over hundreds of square miles. let's see what is happening on the roads. something is going on, isn't it? >> yes. >> do it, i will wait for you. >> no, dave, actually we don't have a lot going on, i was just distracted by one of my computers. traffic is doing well on 280 northbound getting to highway 7:00. this is the hour when things
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begin to change now steve it is your turn. thank you sir. we have a lot going on, weatherwise and right there, some morning clouds and sprinkles and drizzle and it is a little warmer, dave, upper 70s and warmer inland. president barack obama is leaving congress. >> --ive decided to not seek a second congressional term. >> why michelle bachman is leaving capitol hill and they are considering raising minimum wage and the reason why. they are prompting more action and we will tell you the
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♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. . well, good morning, it is the middle of the week, may 29thth, i am dave clark. >> and we have a few light sprinkles and drizzle and the winds are still westerly and we have an on shore breeze,
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slightly warmer and away from the coast, here is sal. we are getting some more crowding as we cross 880, also the morning commute is looking good northbound 101 in san francisco. it is 530, let's go back to the desk. it happened at 2:00 a.m. on mcarthur boulevard. he told police his gun was stolen and the man was hit by bullets and we have no information on how many suspects may have been involved and this pie the way is the second street robbery and shooting in less than a week. can construction catch us
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again and here is word of more failed bolts. claudine? >> reporter: we will give you an idea of the progress being made on the span and it looks like things are going well from this vantage points but then you have to talk about the bolts from the span to the bike path. this morning they are holding a meeting and we are still waiting in terms much an up date. there has been monitoring and testing on the bay bridge and 32 broke in march and they were part of a batch in 1996 and it is unclear if that will be considered a problemmed batch as well. if you answered yes to that question that could be a -- a
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lot of work and they are embedded so they can't be taken out or replaced. they have said that will provide the seismic stability the bolts were supposed to have and the question is how long will it take and will it delay the scheduled labor day weekend opening. it looks like for now, it will not but also likely on the table today is the discussion of corrosion that the causeway sections a together with and we learned it on apparently golding and that they were supposed to give it room to expand and they were locked in and when they expanded they sheered off. the problem with the bike path is not so much the opening of the path per se but it raises
5:34 am
more questions. they have raised questions about the process and the oversight and how it is being conducted and of course it raises safety concerns. the meeting will be held at 1:00 this afternoon. live on the island, because of a spike in gun violence and it has led to more than 200 of arrests. they have definitely taken the latest approach to this crime and later today he will be meeting with the community to discuss all of this and to get feedback from the community. since the department declared a crime emergency a week ago, 27 people have been arrested and 10 are gang members.
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a eight people were shot in a two wipe period in his home. the increase in violence is due to a power struggle and people we spoke to this morning said they are fed up. >> something needs to be done because it is getting out of control and there is a 6th person and there is shootings going on everywhere and i am looking to move now. they are talking about what is called operation cease-fire so there are a -- there are a i am in of meetings and they are looking for ideas from the public but they will also be open to them sharing concerns and to them giving an update on
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their enforcement here in the city. reporting live in the city, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. mail was stolen from the back of a postal truck and police are hoping surveillance video will help track down a suspect. a man was caught stealing a handful of mail and it happened on oakland but you can see people grabbed what they could and walked off. >> it seems a little more daring and brazen, but to us it doesn't matter. he broke into the truck, a crime has been committed and we are asking for help. >> he i don't know he had broken the law and if convicted he could face many years in
5:37 am
prison for each item stolen. reporting about stolen mail, that number is on your screen, (877)876-2455 and that number is staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and a critic of president barack obama will not run for reelection. >> putting a set mental spin -- detrimental spin on my decision to not to run... >> that is michelle bachman who is a favorite of the tea party. she said eight years in congress and her narrow reelection did not affect her decision. and they are not there to revisit a democratic
5:38 am
fundraiser. white house has not given us any details on where they are going today. they are considering raising its minimum wage. they are increasing the minimum wage from $8 to $10 per hour and there is now a similar proposal for other parts of the county. people can't live on $8 an hour. now the chamber of commerce has not taken a designificants. they are getting ready for a meeting of shareholders and coming up why the company wants to stop making political contributions. >> 5:38 let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. >> so far it has been a nice one and we have not had too many things to talk about and
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unfortunately things tend to change and let's look at the freeway, it is a lot more crowded than this morning when there were fewer cloud on the road. chp is not talking about a lot of incidents on the road and on the san mateo and dumbarton it is a smooth drive over to highway 101, let's go to steve. >> do you like these games? >> yes, it gives you a chance to have two different stadiums in play? >> yes, i like it too. traveling to at&t parkings there will be offshore breeze although it will still be warmer friday and saturday but they have really decreased the forecast temperatures by a few
5:40 am
degrees. the tail end is dragging across but it will be warmer this afternoon temperatures are starting off cloudy to mostly cloudy, west at oakland west at fso although san jose has an east live breeze, lake it who and ukiah and you find #0s and for us underneath the radar, there is a few guys showing up but there is not much level. 50s and 60s and gill i -- gilroy is in there and tomorrow
5:41 am
we will have a few and some fog will be there and it will burn off -- and it will burn off by stun day. a day after tornadoes hit michigan ohio and pennsylvania, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are expected from south dakota to central texas and a huge tornado swept through the town of texas last night destroying one home, four tornadoes hit northeast kansas on monday destroying two businesses in the town of marriesville. more money will power and today several country music starts called healing the heartland they include vince gill and reba mackentire. it will benefit central
5:42 am
oklahoma. in case you didn't hear, the hockey season is over for the san jose sharks l.a. kings beat them and it was a hard fought game. they scored two goals in the second period and that's all they needed, their goaly was just too good. the kings now play the winner of todays game with the chicago black hawks. shoplifting in san francisco, a man pulled out a needle and threatened a clerk with a deadly disease. this is happening more than you might think. plus an explosion at the happiest place you might think. it is not the first time it has been found in that area. heading for another check
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. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are looking at a man is in the hospital after being robbed and shot in the leg just hours ago. at least ten shots were fired at that victim and two nearby businesses were damaged by the bullets and that victim is expected to survive. right now we don't have any information about the suspects. officials from the bay bridge will meet this afternoon and they will give an update on construction of the new bay
5:46 am
bridge. they will not tell us when it will open but ktvu channel 2 morning news has found out for now it is scheduled to open on time but new bolts on the bike path were swelled the wrong way and may have to be put back in place. and religious leaders remember talking about a recent rise in violence. it comes after they declared a crime emergency after eight people were shot and it led to 27 arrests including two gang members. police say it's just the latest in a string of similar events. now after an explosion, people reported hearing a loud boom and seeing the lid blow off
5:47 am
that trash can, it was caused by dry ice and nobody was hurt and that section of the park did reopen a few hours later. french police arrested a man in the stabbing of a french soldier. that soldier was stabbed by somebody on patrol just outside paris. french officials say the suspect was muslim and he was seen praying before that attack. they are trying to see if there were any links on the stabbing in london and a british person here. he claimed he was hiv positive and he threatened a score clerk with a needle. he walked into a store and stole a can't of soda -- can of
5:48 am
soda and pulled out a needle and said he was hiv positive. he may be charged with assault with a deadly weapon. a day before a similar incident in pleasanton. police say a 29-year-old woman was suspected of shoplifting but when guards tried to detain her, she pulled out a needle and said she was arrested. they are announcing share holding and they plan to petition them asking chevron to halt their political contributions. they say chevron has quote manipulated local elections by making 1.2 million dollars in contributions to pro chevron candidates. the meeting is due to get underway at 8:00 this morning at chevron's headquarters in
5:49 am
san ramon. they suspect a recent theft from his office is an inside job. scott smith is from the capital and he noticed a painting was missing from his office which shows a fisherman at the coast. the value is $69,000. >> i think this theft occurred by somebody who knows california art quite well which is a fairly sophisticated person. >> reporter: there was no sign of him. >> they are getting ready to close down for the next two and a half years and a big project is getting underway and a
5:50 am
special parting gift is going to be given out. and good morning, pam, traffic on 208 northbound looks -- 208 northbound if you are driving up highway 17 and i was just sharing with my co-workers we will start seeing lighter than usual commutes and summer will be on us and the traffic is looking like that. let's go to the bay brim, already, it is lighter than what i thought it would be and this morning's commute on the south bay, northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 880 interchange let's go to steve. we have a some drizzle and some sprinkles, afternoon sun, morning fog will not last long and especially friday and saturday, warm to hot, and we
5:51 am
have baseball tonight, we go from oakland to at&t parkings 7:15:59 degrees and under neath that we are getting rain in the sierra nevada and it is only a 4 to 5-degree spread, high pressure is nosing in and it will be here tomorrow and sprinkles with very light showers, breezy at times and it is an on shore breeze, it would be far inland and there is too much low clouds over us right now. high pressure kicks in thursday and a little cooler saturday. apple chief executive cook said he believes in the surprises and he provided one
5:52 am
of the more intriguing possibilities called wearing computers. he will release new products only when they are ready. this is the last year he will be associated with the lift strong and the disgraced cyclist, lance armstrong raised $100 million and nike dropped its sponsorship. we saw the dream of a 12- year-old bay area boy come true. >> i am just happy. >> the unfor get about experience after he survived the boston marathon bombings. [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets.
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. time now 5:55, that huge dust storm in the antelope freeway valley is gone and low visibility caused two pileups in lancaster and at least six people were hurt. the wind, 6 miles per hour and
5:56 am
they tried to escort them, it was so bad out there they have were forced to shut down after four hours. they are breaking down today on a major expansion project. the museum will add space to the existing building and because of all of that, they will close the museum down through early 02016 -- 2016. the boy injured in last month's pointings received a special honor at the oakland coliseum. [applauds] [crowd noise] >> 12-year-old aaron hern could barely believe he was standing on the mound let alone throwing a pitch during the series but he said he was thank full but
5:57 am
excited. >> i am just happy to be here and do this, this is really fun. >> you can see the entire interview and by the way a's won the game and they have a series at at&t park. >> he gets to put that in his trap book. we are looking at some of these commutes and so far we don't have a lot going on and this is just the way we like it. sunole grade traffic is looking good driving through fremont and no problems coming out of the livermore valley. let's go back to the desk. coming up on the 6:00 hour, a new development in the manhunt which has consumed the community, the tool police hope
5:58 am
will finally help them catch that dangerous suspect. we are following developing -- developing news. how this is all tied to a robbery that went wrong. >> it is continued cooler or warmer your forecast continues in a few minutes.
5:59 am
6:00 am
. one man is in the hospital, we will tell you how these storefronts were sprayed with bullets and we will tell you what the thief was after. a new problem for the bay bridge and a concern of what is holding the railings together on the bike lanes. live in palo alto, we will tell you who is fighting back. we will tell you about the address itch a prep. the big tax changes some lawmakers are trying to make as ktvu channel 2